Expert Damp Proofing from the Leading Paint Company in Johannesburg and Cape Town

For more than a decade, 1st Class Coatings has been one of the leading paint companies in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We have grown to become a leader in damp and waterproofing solutions, and continue to provide our valued clients with the best solutions available on the market. Our team of seasoned industry professionals are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of domestic and commercial structural and roof dampness problems.

As any property owner knows, structural dampness has expensive and far-reaching consequences. It is imperative to have it seen to immediately, and early diagnosis and treatment of rising damp by a leading paint company can help you mitigate the damage this subversive danger poses.

The Danger of Structural Dampness

Structural dampness can hold aesthetic, structural and health problems to occupants and owners of the property, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses and asthma, as well as other airborne moulds;
  • Deterioration of wallpaper, paint and plaster on damp walls; and
  • Rusting steel and rotting wood.

These are only a few of the many risks posed by structural damp. Contact 1st Class Coatings to learn more about our expert services and solutions, and for all the assistance and advice you need to make an informed decision regarding your home’s water and damp proofing.


As the leading painting contractors Gauteng and Cape Town have to offer, you are sure to receive the painting service of a lifetime!